Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Chelsea, Addie, and Saturn

I just have to share these two picture of Chelsea and Addie. I talked about them on the dance floor in my last post and here's proof. I miss those two girls already they were so much fun! Aren't they adorable? Or am I just prejudiced. You can sort of tell they are related I think. Although Chelsea being part Mexican and part Chineese is darker than Addie who is pure blond. These two little girls became best friends and probably will call each other on the phone from time to time for a while anyway.
My brother came today and took some pictures of my sweet Saturn. Here is one of my favorites.


Carol said...

They are adorable little girls and Saturn is looking very sweet, too :)

Beth Pearce said...

Yes, they are darling - and so good that they played well together!

Meari said...

Chelsea and Addie are adorable!