Monday, September 10, 2012

Splish Splash is Finally Finished

Hello! I know it's been a few days. I just was busy and really wanted Splish Splash to be finished. I loved stitching on it but am glad it's done. It was so much fun to do. Now back to the horse I started a few months ago and due Oct. 1. Better get going on that

Last weekend was a busy one for us. My nephew, his wife and daughter arrived in from MO on Thurs. so Friday we did some things with them. First they took Chelsea down to Lake Michigan, it was a littly drizzly out but she had fun, then they came to my parents and we visited a little bit got to meet Chelsea. She was 2 months old when we went to MO to see her so she didn't remember us. She was really shy Friday. That afternoon my sister came to town and we all went to her daughters, near Grand Rapids. Chelsea and Addie were shy at first and we weren't too sure they would play as well as we had hoped but in time they warmed up to each other.

Saturday was Christina's Wedding. Christina was a beautiful bride, it was a nice ceremony. Katelyn age 2 and Johnny age 5 were Flower girl and
Ring bearer. They were so cute. Then we went to Jared's (the grooms aunt and uncles for the Wedding Reception. They had a beautiful home and huge yard that accomodated about 200 people. It was a beautiful day outside. The bride and groom did their dance, afterwards they invited everyone to join them in a dance. Chelsea 3 and Addie 4 decided they wanted to join in so Heather took both little girls up there and they basically stole the show. Especially after the dance was over a couple of other dances were planed but Chelsea and Addie took over They were having a great time out there so the adults left the floor and the children got it. A few more children joined in. They were so cute. Sadly the weekend had to end. Josh, Elaina and Chelsea left for MO and Jeremy (Christina's brother) had to return to AZ. We only got to see Jeremy at the Wedding. He had changed so much we barely recognized him. After the wedding becdause other members of the family were by him I went up to him and said "Is that you?" He says "Yea it's me. I know I've changed in looks." We had hoped he would return to MI when the wedding came because he and his girlfriend broke up but he loves it in AZ and has no intentions of returning to live.

Well that's it for now. Until next time. Happy Stitching.


Beth Pearce said...

That is really a darling piece - it does look like a fun stitch. We had a family wedding this weekend too. We drove three hours each way to get to it, so we were tired when it was over. Our granddaughter and her cousins took over the dance floor too - much fun!

Carol said...

Very cute finish, Barb--an awful lot of time and energy went into this one!! Glad the wedding was so much fun and that the weather cooperated!

Samplers, Silks and Linens said...

What a fun stitch this is - if my kids saw this they would probably nag me to stitch it - congratulations on the finish

Kelly said...

Lovely cute finish!