Friday, November 16, 2012

My Cat's Favorite Place

Is actually my computer chair! Good morning everyone. I said my cat's favorite place is my computer chair because right now he is in back of me trying to kick me out of the chair so he can have it! But I thought this was so cute, and would be my cat if I had a basket full of cross sttiching supply within his site. He does like to play with the floss when I stitch. I found this piece and couldn't resist it. This is piece 34 towards the 50 challenge. I'm getting there! Next I want to try to stitch from 10 books I haven't stitched from before buying a pattern for myself. My sister got to town yesterday and will be here until Sunday. So this morning we'll do a little running and then maybe this afternoon do some running with our mom. It tires her out to do to much shopping and in the morning her caretaker is there so we like to be out of the way when she's there. Yesterday I had my first P.T. appointment. Parts went well other parts didn't go so well. I really need to work on my balance. I never had the best balance but with the vertigo it's way off. I'll go 1 day every other week and do most of the excercises at home. Well...until next time Happy Stitching!


Linda said...

Love the piece your working on. Can you tell me the name and designer.


Barb said...

Thanks the Designer is Brittercup Designs from Britter Kitties#3 book.

Mary Ann said...

Your new start is going to be a cute one!