Monday, November 05, 2012

This piece is moving fast

Hello everyone! How is everyone this Monday morning? I'm doing better and better with my vertigo. It's not completely gone but it's getting there. My big problem is when I try to do my excercises for it my cat thinks he has to help me! He's so funny and cute! I love him! I have made so much progress on this piece. It's moving much quicker than I anticipated. In fact I have my next few pieces picked out to stitch so I'm glad this is going fast. Besides it helps me get to the 50 challenge quicker. I think I have done 30 pieces toward it now so I'm getting there. I am wondering has anyone been to Cyber Stitchers or found their new site. I need to contact Anita again I think. She said they were moving the site and working out all the kinks that was over a month ago. I really miss seeing the new pieces everyone adds to their rooms and adding to my room. But I love going to the different blogs and seeing everyone's works. It's just there were certain people I followed their rooms there and while found some of the people haven't found everyone I would like to find. Well....until next time.....Happy Stitching!


Meari said...

Your project looks nice, Barb.

What kind of exercises are you doing for vertigo?

I didn't know cyberstitchers was moving. Thanks for the heads up.

Mary Ann said...

I am glad to hear that you are feeling better!

Wonderful progress on your piece!!

pam said...

Great progress

Carol said...

Glad your vertigo is improving, Barb--I've had it before and it's so trying! Lovely new WIP!

Linda said...

Lovely piece Barb.