Friday, May 10, 2013

Finish no 46

I think it's #46 maybe 47. This was a fast cute piece. Most little boys like to go fishing so I did this for the Sandy Hook Project. So far I've done 7 or 8 squares for them. Not sure. I am so glad this week is over. I worked hard on cleaning things up had my sister in law , Wendy come over. Wendy has a couple of steam cleaner that are amazing! Wed. was the inspection and thanks to Wendy, I passed it in flying colors. Just as they were leaving from the inspection my sister came to pick me up. I told her I wanted to get a steam cleaner and she bought me one. I'm going to love it. Today I made a tuna bagel with cheese on top. Went to take it out of the oven and dropped it in the oven. Right away I tried cleaning it up. I didn't spend all that time on my oven for nothing! And it was hot so burned my fingers. That was not smart at all. I don't remember if I said anything last week or not, but our Pastor of almost 8 years is leaving. He's going to a church about an hour in a half east of here. Sunday was a hard day when he announced it. Well he actually emailed everyone that he had e mail address for, and he put letters in our mailboxes at church. So everyone pretty well knew what was coming. It was sad as we really like him and his wife a lot. I think it'll be a while before we get another pastor or we will compare him to this one and that won't be fair. It took over a year to get Pastor Shane after Pastor Brian left. So a week from Sunday is his last week, and we are having a Mexican Dinner after church. He loves Mexican food. Well....I'm going to go back to stitching on this music piece. It's called Music and Books by Little House Needleworks and going fast. I love stitching on it. Until next time....Happy Stitching!


Samplers, Silks and Linens said...

I hope your hand heals quickly, oven burns can be so nasty - I would love a steam cleaner for my house too, I have heard they are fantastic, will look into it as I am not sure if Taiwan has them or not. Big Hugs, Amanda

Shari said...

ouch about the burns....I can't count the number of times I have done that...
the little fishing piece is adorable!
Thanks for the comments on my blog & YES...I loved stitching Great is Thy Faithfulness!!