Tuesday, July 02, 2013

Carousel Horse is Finished

I finally have this piece finished. It was fun to do but so very detailed. I was happy to get it finished this morning. This will probably be my last piece for the Sandy Hook Project as the deadline is right around the corner. Right now I'm doing America by Sue Hillis. It being the 4th of July this week I wanted to do a Patriotic piece. It's funny, I can actually see the squares and holes now and not have to feel for them. I went to eye dr. earlier this afternoon and did the eye chart very well. In fact I did better without my glasses then I did with glasses before my cataract removal so I'm pleased. It went real well yesterday. It was a piece of cake to be honest. But I had heard from others cataract surgery was very easy so I wasn't worried at all. Well....until next time....Happy stitching!

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Tama said...

That looks really nice! Congrats on your finish!!!