Monday, July 22, 2013

Quoddy Lighthouse Start

Good Evening! It's been a couple of weeks since I've posted anything. It's been a whirlwind of activity around here. It started 2 weeks ago when my dad had a heart catherization. We all figured no big deal, they may have to put a couple of stints in and he'll go home Wed. Wrong. He didn't do well after the catherization and they found 3 blockages one 100%, 90% and 80% so they kept him and scheduled a triple by pass for Friday, which turned out to be a quadruple by pass. He's still in the hospital and is getting stronger every day. My sister came in a couple of days last week and my brother came in from MO this past weekend. So I've been busy. I went to eye dr. today because I was really having problems with the eye they removed the cateracts from. I was afraid there was an infection. Fortunately there isn't. My eye just wasn't ready to ween down from the prednizone drops so they just increased it. I hate doing those drops. Now I have a beef and I don't usually use my blog to do this but man this is bad. A lady I added to the food pantry in the beginning was over powering and controlling. And I sort of got to the point of praying something would happen she wouldn't work in food pantry anymore. happened....she got caught stealing money from the Sunday School fund. A little each week over years. My first thought was "I always knew she would show her true colors I never trusted her." But I also felt really bad about it. Here this lady who's husband had been a Pastor and demanded we call her husband Pastor Dave, and a lady who played the piano and sang solos so many Sundays. A lady who everything was black and white and very judgmental of others, and a lady who claimed to be so spiritual. Claimed to love God claimed to love our church (she grew up in it. It was beyond my comprehension how she could steal from the church when she knew we were not a rich church at all. Then come to find out she did the same at a couple of other churches they had gone to. Not only that but had been shoplifting from stores, got caught in NY and had to be bailed out of jail. Oh she claims to be completely innocent but she got caught red handed stealing the money. Anyway, she'll loose her membership to our church. Her husband claims he knew nothing and claims she's innocent. I don't think so. Well enough on that. Now unto something more pleasant STITCHING. I lost the Patriotic piece. I don't know what I did with it! So I started this lighthouse. I tell you, the sky will bring the death of me! But I am enjoying the piece and the worse of the sky is done I think. I did another lighthouse from this book a few years ago and loved doing it. This is my progress after about 20 hours of stitching and 10 days. It's going slow but starting to go faster now the sky is well under way. Well this book is long enough so until next time---Happy Stitching!

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Debbie said...

I love lighthouses and I can't wait to see your future progress! I'm so excited!