Wednesday, November 27, 2013

One Last Update on I Will Give You Rest

Good Morning! Hope everyone is doing okay in the storm areas and gets to their destinations safely. We are going to my niece, Melissa, for Thanksgiving. They are having us and John's dad over. Melissa and John are picking his dad and I up early in the day and my mom and Tim will join us for dinner. Mom really isn't up to being around everyone for a great length of time. She really misses dad a lot. We all do. This is our first holiday season without him. At first I just wanted to sleep through Thanksgiving but that's sort of foolish. Only we aren't having turkey I guess, John couldn't find one so he bought Cornish hens. We'll still have the dressing, etc. I have to make the green bean casserole this afternoon. I am almost done with this piece. I love doing it. I hope it's suitable for a teenage girl. At first I thought it was then I thought it's more for an older lady. Hopefully it will fit into Savanah's quilt fine. We are getting plenty of snow. I just hope we have it for Christmas. I'd love to have it like this over the Christmas season and when the kids are out of school they can enjoy sledding, skating, skiing, tobogoning, luging etc. I remember we loved skating, sledding and skiing when we were kids. Those dunes of Lake Michigan we great for that. Now you can't sled or toboggan down them but they still have a skating rink and have other places you can go sledding, skiing or taboggoning. I hope everyone has a Happy Thanksgiving. Enjoy your time with your families. Until next time...Happy Stitching!


Simply Victoria said...

Very pretty!
Have a Happy Thanksgiving.

Linda said...

Looking great Barb.