Friday, April 25, 2014

Hope Progress

Good afternoon! It's been a busy week a lot happened this past week. Some good some not so good.
I didn't have a whole lot of time to stitch this week but did get some progress on Hope and on USS Arizona Memorial. I have laid down Hope for the time being to get some of these quilt squares done. I'll show progress on USS Arizona Memorial sometime next week.

A month ago my cousin's husband came down with Bacterial Menengitus. After a month of ups and downs, they made the decision to take him off life support Wed. afternoon. He died early Thursday morning. Don was the rock of that family and we are concerned about Judy as she has bipolar and Don really was the stable one and kept her in line. She does have two grown sons, so hopefully they'll give Judy the support she needs.

My sister came to town Tuesday, and left just an hour ago, she has to work tonight. We got some shopping in. Of course, got floss and material at Jo Ann's and got a Dirt Devil from Kohls with a gift card I got. I want to keep this place clean and I can clean my sofa and chair with it since I don't have attachments to vaccuum cleaner.

My brother got into town last night from MO. So this morning we went up to the cematary in Hesperia to my dad's grave. We had our aunt and uncle meet us there, then we went to eat in Hesperia. Daniels was celebrating their 11th anniversary this week so had a special on some things. We got smelt for 11 cents a piece. We all got at least 10 pieces, ( the men got 20. Plus fries or onion rings to go with. Anyway for 7 people the whole meal only costed $27.00 and some odd cents. That's less then $4.00 a person. Can't beat that. It tasted so good. I had been hungry for a good fish meal! And I got it today.

Tomorrow is our mom's 81st birthday so we'll celebrate that tomorrow. (I need to find her card don't I). We're going to Hobo's for that. She might get a free meal or a good discount anyway.

We'll until next time....Happy Stitching!


Linda said...

Sorry to hear about your cousins husband. Great progress on Hope.


Carol said...

Glad you've been enjoying some family time, Barb, but I'm so sorry to read about your cousin's husband. I hope she's doing okay...

Happy Birthday to you dear mother--enjoy the celebration!

Nice progress on your stitching :)