Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Progress on Hope

Good Afternoon! We woke up to snow on the ground this morning. I called it a belated April Fool's Joke. But the good news is the snow will not last, in fact a good portion of it is gone. The rest of week will be 50's! That is so much better than we had a couple of weeks ago.

I have been stitching on Hope by Ursulla Michael the last couple of weeks and probably will until sometime next week. I love working on this piece, and it really reminds me of Easter. It's so pretty.

I had noticed a brown spot in Saturn's eye, and his other eye was runny, so I thought maybe he might have a cold plus he had been sneezing off and on. So I took him to the Vet yesterday and he's fine. She said there was nothing to worry about. So I was relieved. It'll be two years tomorrow that I had to put Whiskers down and I went to Pet Smart and met Saturn. I brought him home two days later and I haven't regretted it. He's a near perfect cat.

We are getting an Interm Pastor at our church. We voted on him last Sunday. I guess it's a trial bases for May, and if it works out then he'll stay until we get a pastor. We needed to do something quick as man we've lost so many members that either left the church or died. Some of those that left, could have been the ones to see our church through but they chose to leave. Our CE Pastor is leaving end of May to work with our former Pastor. We will miss him, but he's doing what is best. Our church couldn't pay him but a very little, and he was working 2 jobs and it was getting hard on him. He worked hard for our church for only getting $100.00 a month. No pastor worked harder than him. Our former pastor and him were best friends since college, and he brought Dale to our church so we figured he'd be leaving eventually to join Shane. Pastor Shane offered him a full time position so he can quit his other job.

Next week my sister will be coming in from other side of state, and my brother is coming in from MO. So it will be a fun weekend. Kay will be here Tues.-Friday and Ken Thursday-Sunday. So they'll see each other a couple of days.

Anyone watching Dancing with the Stars. I love this year. Only thing is I feel the Ice Dancers have an unfair advantage over the others, but I do really like them. I expect them to compete against each other for the trophy. I loved Disney night last night.

Well...until next time....Happy Stitching!

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Carol said...

Such a pretty WIP, Barb! Yes, we got the snow, too, but it melted quickly...

Hope you have a lovely reunion with your siblings--it's always nice to see each other when you live far apart.

I totally agree with you on the advantage that Meryl and Charlie have--both are amazing, though, and it's fun to watch this season :)