Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Bobcats Start

Good Afternoon!
It's been a cool week around here. My electric bill will like that since I turned off the air conditioner.

I started Bobcats for Love Quilts a little over a week ago. It really was not an easy piece to really get into. It's funny because I have done 3 other pieces from this book (Endangered Young'uns by Ruth Morehead put out by Gloria and Pat), and they went pretty good. Oh by the time they were finished I was ready to start a new piece. But this piece at first didn't click and I really doubted it would be done by Nov. 15. It's going better now, but still slow going. Still wondering if they'll be done by Nov. 15 even though it's almost 2 months away.

This weekend will be a busy weekend. We have a possible Pastoral candidate coming in this weekend. (I say possible as this weekend he's just checking it out and we're checking him out to see if it's a good match. Which so far seems to be). Anyway Sat. morning the women are having breakfast with his wife at Russ's on south side of town and men are having breakfast with him at Russ's on north side of town. I'm sure the children will be there to. Then at noon we are having a picnic with the whole family on the church grounds. Sunday is Back to Church Sunday and he'll be preaching then we'll have a dinner after church with the whole family. My only concern is we have very few teens and children at church anymore, so I'm a little concerned about the children adjusting. We do have about 3 boys that are teenagers around his son's age, but I really don't know of any children the ages of the other 3 children. Maybe 1 or 2 but that's it. Our church has dropped so bad....sad, when the pastor leaves the church drops so much. Then the 28th if things go well this weekend he will candidate and we will vote on him after the service. Everyone has their hopes up high. So we are praying things work out, don't know how much longer our church will last otherwise. Those that could have carried our church through these days left. So there are only about 2 or 3 men picking up the slack. The other men are getting up in age and served their time.

Monday the 22nd it will be a year ago that my dad died. His first anniversary in heaven. But we really miss him here. We are having flowers sent in memory of my dad to the church then we'll plant them at my dad's grave. They'll be mums I think and will come up every year. We finally got the gravestone. It took forever it seemed for everything to be done and for them to finally do it. When my brother said it had to be done by the 22nd things got moving.

Well...until next time Happy Stitching.


stitchersanon said...

I love the bob cat. Very cute. Maybe, if your potential church leader has his own children, he might be inspired to make the church more children/family orientated and so bring them back. Worth a though maybe. Sorry for your loss. When we loose a loved one it seems it will never stop hurting. And it doesnt but we do learn to live with it until we get to meet again

Faith... said...

That is a cute bob cat!

Good luck with the meeting with the potential candidate. Hope he is the one and that you will be able to get more children involved in your church.

Louise said...

Hi Barb!
Your stitching is lovely. It sure looks like you are moving along on it. I too am sorry for your loss. Always so hard to say goodbye to a parent. Thinking of you as this one year anniversary hurts your heart.
Louise xx