Friday, September 05, 2014

Turtle is Finished!

Good morning!I finished this piece earlier today. It was a cute, fun stitch but I was happy to get it finished. So much green in it.

Now I've started Bobcat Kittens from Ruth Morehead's Endangered Young'uns, published by Gloria and Pat. I've done several from this book and these animals are so cute. A lot of work as they are not easy but worth it in the end. It's going to a quilt project we are doing at Cross Stitch Addicts featuring these animals. The quilt will go to a child at Love Quilts.

Well....we finally have a potential Pastor at our church after 15 months without one. He will be coming 2 weekends the end of Sept. Then we'll vote on him. We are so happy as we need a Pastor bad. We've had so many people leave our church during these months and plus some active long time members died. We are afraid we may not have a church much longer the way we were going. But we are confidant God will turn things around once we get a new Pastor. Problem is we are an inner city church and sometimes they don't grow quite as fast as other churches.

Our mom is really enjoying Life Circles. At first she was leary as she had to change Dr.'s and everything, but she's starting to like it now. She goes 2 days a week. They pick her up about 9 am and bring her back around 4:30 pm. She says sometimes the afternoons are boring but like Wed. afternoon they took the people on a Patoon Boat Ride out to Blue Lake and she loved that.

I was having pain in my jaw (only other side then the jaw that has created problems) so went to Dentist. Can you believe I'm teething! I have a wisdom tooth that never really popped through and now it's starting to. He said that happens once in a while, but not too often.

Well.....not much is happening so until next time....Happy Stitching!


Meari said...

Really cute finish, Barb. Congrats.

Carol said...

Very cute, Barb! I hope the new pastor works out for your church and that your tooth pain goes away soon. I had a wisdom tooth do the same thing at age 37--it was the only one that ever erupted and I had to have it removed!

Mylene said...

Such a cute finish!370