Tuesday, October 07, 2014

Year of the Acronym (YOTA) update a day late

I stitched a little bit on this piece. (I'm mostly stitching on the Bobcat Kittens). I know I'm a day late but yesterday my computer and scanner would not work together nor would they this morning. I finally asked for help on Facebook and my nephew called me from MO and walked me through it. I'm happy they are working together. I wish I would have written the steps down so I know next time! Oh well....

Friday my brother put his dog down. I told him when he's ready I'd take him to Faithful2cats and get a cat. My mom has wanted a cat for years and dad wouldn't let her, then when he died and Tim moved in they waited because of the dog. They didn't want her upset or jealous. Sat. Tim called and we went and got him an all white short-haired female declawed cat. Her name was Luna but they changed it to Snowball. We like that name much better. She is adjusting very well. Tim says she jumps all over the place. And they all just love her. Even Andrew who did not like the dog at all loves this cat. In fact she slept with him one night. So all is well there. I went to the place yesterday to apply to be a volunteer. I like that place and like the fact they keep the cats until they have a good home. Sat. I have orientation. We'll see.

We still don't know if we have a new pastor but indications are he will come. He just wanted one more week to pray and know for sure. So we sure hope he comes.

It seems like I posted all this before. If I did sorry about the repost. Well....until next time....Happy Stitching.

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