Sunday, March 22, 2015

Here comes Treble!

Good afternoon! It's nice and sunny out there. It's cooler today only in 30's but the snow is all gone except for snowbanks, and the sun is shining brightly! It's a beautiful day out there.

I started this piece over a month ago, but never finished it. So this will go in Turtle Trot as a finish Apr. 10. I laid down the Iris to do some TT pieces for now anyway, oh plus a couple of pieces for the ornaments.

I got my printer to work. I was unplugging the wrong cord. Yesterday when my brother came over and asked him to help me make sure I had the right cord. Well, if it happens again, I will know what cord to unplug.

Our church is looking so nice, neat and clean. They are planning a big Easter Sunday so trying to get the church all spruce up. Because I'm allergic to chemicals I couldn't help. They are getting rid of a whole lot of toys from the nursery and children departments. I went in there just to see if they still had toys to play with and they had plenty. What they didn't get rid of today they are donating to charity.

My sister might come back to town Tuesday, but she's thinking of waiting until after she gets home from CO and can stay a day longer. When she comes on Tuesdays she can only stay until Thurs. If she comes on the weekend. She can come Thurs. and stay until Sunday. (She works 3rd shift and works 32 hours a week so she has 3 day weekends).

Well...until next time Happy Stitching!


Tiffany Pincombe said...

Great work on Treble, I have that one too. Good luck finishing and glad your printer troubles are over.

Mary Ann said...

Nice progress on Treble! I am glad that you figured out the printer problem.