Sunday, March 15, 2015

Iris Started

Good afternoon. It is such a nice, sunny day out there. It's been a nice weekend weather wise. It's great to see the snow melting little by little. Tomorrow is suppose to be 60 then Tues. back in the 40's. Forty's is still above freezing. So nice compared to a little over a week ago. Well, the sub zeros and below 20's are done for the season. We will have morning lows in the 20's according to the forecast but warm up to 40's by end of day. We know this is only March and we can still have a good snowstorm in April. Boy March is going by quickly.

I do have a case of spring fever and these Irises make me think Spring. Also makes me think Easter! I love these, they are so pretty and going pretty good now. At first I felt like I wasn't making any progress but now I am. I love stitching these. But I have a problem, right now there are so many projects I want to do. Someone sent me a graph of Mighty Mouse and someone else sent Spider Man, and I'm anxious to start them, plus a couple of other pieces. I know these Irises and the Gymnasts are going to be TT pieces, since there is no deadline on them. Whereas I do need to get more ornaments done for this summer.

Yesterday I went to Faithful to Felines to work. Remember last week I said Neeson got adopted. Well he was returned just two days later! The lady said he wouldn't eat, wouldn't drink, wouldn't use his kitty litter, he just stayed in a corner and meowed a lot. I told when she took him to give him time to adjust and she responded, "I know, I've had cats all my life." Anyway he seemed happy to be back. I really think he missed his cat friends, and didn't like being an only cat. Maybe he needs to be adopted with another cat. Whatever. She should have given him more time he would have adjusted. I was glad to see him though as he is one of my favorites.

This may be a long spring season, my sinuses are really acting up. I can't get rid of this cough for anything. I had made an appointment with my ENT earlier. Maybe I can get him to give me Prednizone for a couple of weeks, my sister said that worked on her.

Well.....until next time.....Happy Stitching!


Justine said...

Love those irises. Such pretty colours. Sorry to hear that Neeson was returned but hopefully he'll find somewhere more suitable.

Tiffany Pincombe said...

Great start on the irises, and too bad about the return, but maybe he'll get adopted with another cat soon.