Friday, October 23, 2015

Where is October going?

Well...October is just flying by and I've posted very little this month. I've been stitching a lot on this piece. Now that the worse of it is done, I think the rest of this piece will go quicker. Right now I have about 750 hours of stitching in and it's a little over half done. I love working on this piece.

I had really thought I would get some fall pieces in. I might yet. I fell of the wagon. I ordered 2 leaflets by Stoney Creek one was a Spring Bell Pull and the other an Autumn one. In Nov. I might start the Autumn on we'll see. When my sister was here she asked me to do a Christmas Bread Cover so I need to do that. I'd like to have it done before she comes again so she has it for Christmas.

It's hard to believe Tuesday it will be a year that our mom died. It was on Sat. my brother came and got me from the cat shelter and said she took a turn for the worse. She died 2 days later.

This weekend we are having a pot luck at church tomorrow to meet the candidate for Youth and Christian Ed Director and her husband then Sunday we'll vote on her.

Yesterday I went on a color tour and we stopped to eat. There were only 5 of us but we had a nice time. Unfortunately this year the winds have been so strong and it's been cold we didn't get much color this year. Most of the leaves died or were blown off the trees before they had a chance to change color. But we saw some color anyway.

Well...until next time Happy Stitching.


Heather said...

It looks lovely! It's always hard to believe how much time passes when bad stuff happens. Thinking of you! Glad you had fun on your tour :)

Justine said...

You're really flying along on this one now! I'm sure Tuesday will be a sad day. I hope you can remember happy memories of your mum. Thinking of you xx

Tiffstitch said...

That is looking amazing! Great to get the tough part done with now and have more and more interesting bits to come. Tough week for you, think of happy times if you can.