Friday, October 30, 2015

Page 13 done!

Good Afternoon! I finally have page 13 done! I didn't do a lot of stitching this week. It really hasn't been a good week, but it's getting better.

I ordered the fabric for Autumn Bell Pull but for some reason it's delayed in Grand Rapids, says they found a problem. Hoping it will be corrected and proceed on to me. I'm thinking maybe the package broke open or the material tore in one of the machines, or it was too bulky for machine, who knows. So in the mean time I'm going to do this dump truck from Cyber Stitchers for Quilts for Older Children and Adults.

Well....until next time happy stitching!


butterfly said...

Your stitching is looking fab.
Sorry your week has not been so good hugs.

Pull the other thread said...

Well done on the page finish. Sorry your week hasn't been great, hope things pick up for you.

Annie said...

Congrats on a beautiful page finish!
I hope this week is tons better:)

Heather said...

Beautiful stitching! I hope your week gets better.

demeter83 said...

Looks lovely, you've done loads :-)