Friday, November 06, 2015

Finally a Finish

Good evening. I know this isn't the most exciting finish but it's a finish. I found this as a freebie at Cyber Stitchers and was done for Cross Stitch for Older Children & Adults. I believe it will be sent to Love Quilts-Brazil. This only took a week. Now tomorrow I'll kit up Autumn and start it.

This weekend will be busy as we are having our annual Harvest Dinner at church. I'll make Green Bean Casserole and finish baking a Pumpkin Pie I ordered from Swans for it. I signed up for two things since I refused to make a turkey or ham. I'm on the comittee heading this up. Then Thursday the monthly Senior Dinner is going to be at our church so we are in charge of that too.

My niece and her husband brought in a kennel for when Snowball comes to visit she can be in it from time to time. Saturn has taken over it. I wonder if he'll let Snowball in it even. Right now he's wanting my attention. He meows an awful lot lately and that's not like him, especially since Snowball left. I wonder if he misses her. Sometimes I think about getting a second cat but we can only have one cat here.

Things are going strong towards the Resource Room at church and we're excited about it. We have our Food Pantry through Love Inc. and this is just an extension of it. Only this room is only for those who attend the classes at Love Inc. they earn points and they can cash in their points for something from the room. We'll carry cleaning supplies, household items, towels, wash cloths etc. The room we want to use got approved last night so it's full steam ahead towards opening it mid Jan. We also hope to get the mentor program going to which is also through Love Inc. I've already started asking people to think and pray about that. We're excited.

Well... until next time Happy Stitching!


Heather said...

Sounds like fun! Great stitching!

Tiffstitch said...

Great finish and hope all continues well.