Saturday, January 23, 2016

Two more small finishes

I took a day's break from America to do these two quick name pieces. My sister in law will make all 3 pieces (Katelyn's was posted earlier) into Bible Covers for her oldest 3 grandchildren. Tomorrow after church my brother and I are going to our other brother's and will take the pieces with me tomorrow. The children will be there then too. Beth said she'd sew the two girls pieces into their covers tomorrow so I can see what they look like. Johnny has yet to pick out his material, so I may be redoing his if the colors don't match material he picks. Beth told me to do it in green so I did, but I think she thought he would like the green material she had and apparently he didn't. They are easy to do so no problem to redo it. His took a whole 2 hours I think to do.

I hope those of you on the east coast get through the storms fine. We got hit hard last week and earlier this week. Finally it has calmed down. I think we have 2 feet of snow but will probably melt somewhat over the next week or so. If you can depend on weather forecast being correct this far ahead we are suppose to be 50 Feb. 1 and thunder showers Feb. 2 we'll wait and see. This is Michigan so it can change real fast. Rarely is the forecast right this far ahead.

Last night we tied together some blankets for the cats at the cat shelter. Quite a few showed up. Once I was convinced my blankets were as good as the others it was fun. One cat that had been with us for 5 years got adopted this past week and it looks like she is in her forever home. We were so happy for Joy. Joy was the cat that ran into the woods last fall when someone let the cats from her room into the wrong hallway and some of the cats got outside. We were able to get all but Joy, two days later another worker went to the shelter to look for Joy (she lived close so had been looking for Joy) and there was Joy at the door waiting to get in. After that Joy was a different cat and much friendlier to us. In fact I was laughing as Soldier who is a very shy cat had been returned to us because the owners other cat kept beating him up. Joy recognized him, and one day she say me open the kennel Soldier was in and after I closed it, here she is trying to open the kennel with her paws and teeth. Had she been stronger, she would have been successful. Then last week I laughed because we were keepin the Kennel open for Soldier to roam with the other cats when he wanted, and she got on the stool next to the kennel and just winked at Soldier trying to get him to come out. I claim she was flirting with him. Anyway they took Joy to Petco last Sat. hoping she would be adopted and she was adopted really fast! Also Sheila who was in same room as Joy but taken to Petco a couple weeks earlier got adopted and today Duncan is suppose to be going to his forever home on the other side of the state. Duncan was also in room 7. My babies are getting adopted. Rooms 6 and 7 were always my favorite two rooms, especially room 7 where Joy, Duncan, and Sheila were, and the cats in that room do seem to get adopted. I've worked there a little over a year and all but one of the cats that were in there when I started have been adopted. Burt, we wonder if he'll ever get adopted as he isn't real friendly but he is coming out of his shell more. He never wanted to be petted before he'd just stay on top of the kennels and watch us since Christmas he's let everyone pet him. Maybe he's realizing he might get a forever home, as he's seen so many other cats get adopted.

We are on the home stretch to opening up our Resource Room at church we are getting so excited. After all these months of preparing for it. We have one more training section Feb. 2 and we will open up Feb. 9. So excited to finally get it going!

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Heather said...

Great news about the kitties and lovely stitching!