Saturday, November 11, 2006

For Those Who Serve

Since today is Veterans Day here in USA I thought I would post this piece I did for my nephew about 4 years ago. But first a little about Jake. Jake is the most Patriotic kid I ever knew. He decided when he was very young he was joining the Army. He joined ROTC in Jr. High or High (as soon as he was old enough) and signed up for the Army when he graduated from high school A few months later went to boot camp and in Jan. 2002 was deployed. Jake was shot in a Military Training accident. It shattered his left hand. At least he wasn't killed. The Army and Red Cross were great they made sure a line was set up so my brother could talk to Jake when he was in hospital in Germany, then when he went to Walter Reed Hospital Tim was able to see Jake a couple of times. For two years Jake stayed in the Army both hoping things would work out for Jake to at least still serve but unfortunately he ended up leaving. He's going to college now to be a Civil Engineer .
Tim had asked me to do a piece for Jake and I did two of them. One was a made into a pillow with the Liberty Bell on it. The other I found after he was shot called For Those Who Serve. Because of copyright laws I can't put the verse on. I can telll you it was a Jannlynn kit and I got it at 123 stitch.

An update on the Food Pantry. We start our Food drive somewhat tomorrow though it probably will not get going for a couple of weeks as next Sunday everyone will be bringing food for our annual Harvest Potluck. We meet with the Director of Love Inc. on Tuesday morning. We have changed the room to the basement, which is much more convient. It's in the SS Office which at first I wasn't happy. I really wanted this other room but after weighing the pros and cons the SS office it is. The Supt. is on the comittee and it was her idea to move it to the office. She said she can clean out a lot of the cupboards and her husband can make more shelves if we need it. It is a locked room and really will work out quite well. It even has an open window we can have those in wheelchairs stay right there and we can hand them their food through the window if needed. Or we can just lower the plank and roll them up the two steps from elevator to the office. Plus it will be a very safe location for us and not out of way at all. We are getting more and more excited and anxious to get it going!

On the stitching front I am plugging away on Perhaps I should Retire. Hopefully it will be done Monday. Well...until next time Happy Stitching.


Pumpkin said...

Thanks for sharing your story about Jake. I'm relieved to know he was not killed. For those who serve our countries, much respect has to be given :o)

Barbara said...

I hope you're enjoying a fine weekend. Good luck with the food pantry drive!

Stitch or no stitch said...

What a relief that Jake is still with us today and how wonderful that you were able to make this for him.
Best of luck with the food drive.