Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Goals for November (Stitching)

Hopeuflly in November I will finish The Teacher and the Precious Moments piece Perhaps I should retire. I also will hopefully get out Santa of the Forest and get that further along to finish up in Dec. I would like to do a small christian piece to go on a quilt for a new and fairly young widow. Her husband was killed in a farming accident leaving her with 3 young children. Perhaps another PM piece for Love Quilts and a Teapot for CSFC will be done. I don't know. That's a lot of stitching for me. If I get The Teacher 3/4 of way done and finish it up in Feb. I will be happy. Well we'll see. Until next time Happy Stitching!

Pieces done towards the 50 challenge
1) Always Room for one More
2) Boo
3) Teddy and Pumpkins
4) Serenity Heart
5) Bathing Puppy
Long ways to go yet! But 1/10th of way there.


Stitch or no stitch said...

Your Halloween pieces are so pretty Barb. Sorry you missed the fun of the TorT. We live in a gated community so don't get a big crowd but it is such fun.
Good luck on your November goals.

HasturTorres said...

Congrats on being 1/10th of the way through the challenge. You are doing great! I love the Pumpkin Kitty design. It is adorable.

Cindy said...

Great goals for November!!! I just have to get Christmas pesents finished!!!!

Pumpkin said...

That's great that you are stitcking to your challenge. I have one more day of my stash starve. Although I did cheat a few times, I am quite proud of myself :o)

Barbara said...

You're doing great!!

Karin said...

1 / 10th of the way there is fantastic! Congrats.....