Thursday, November 30, 2006

Where did November go?

Here it is the last day of Nov. Did I meet my Nov. goals NO? I knew I had made too many. I did finish Perhaps I should Retire. I did start and finish Give Thanks which really wasn't on the list. I did start the Teapot and that will be finished probably tomorrow if I get to stitching on it good. I did not do much work on The Teacher, I did not do the Christian piece, and I did not start the other PM piece. So I get 50 lashes with a wet noodle!

Yesterday a friend and I took her daughter to a Children's clinic in another city and I was so unimpressed. For one thing we got there and they claimed she didn't have an appointment, here the mother received a call the day before reminding her of the appointment. The Dr. was nice but there were things she didn't do I felt she should have, and strongly disagreed with what the she said about the weight loss. If your daughter was turning 2 would you like it if the Dr. said "It's her age group her weight is going to go back and forth?" I didn't like that comment neither did the mother. Then because of construction I got a little confused and sent the mother in wrong direction on way home but we discovered it fast. Here this was a city I knew well. I deliberately am leaving out the city and name of clinic because the clinic has a good reputation, I just wasn't impressed. Some other friends took their daughter there last week and like them real well. I'm glad we went yesterday and not today, a winter storm is suppose to blow in sometime today.

Today I'm going to church and finally organize the Food Pantry. The Trusttees brought all the food down from 3rd level. I'm not happy with the room, I so much would rather have the room off lower auditorium it wouldn't intere with other ministries of the church but oh well....

On the stitching front I am stitching on the Teapot for CSFC. Hopefully will be done tomorrow, Sat. for sure. It's taking longer than I contemplated but really haven't spent much time stitching either. Other things have gotten in way. Plus thanks to my mom, sister, and nephew I got addicted to these crossword books called Sudoku. They use numbers 1-9 instead of words and each number is used once in each column and row. Challenging but fun, and I love challenges! Plus this computer takes me away from stitching too.
Well until next time Happy Stitching!


Mary Ann said...

Hi Barb, you have been busy, and it sounds like you got a lot of stitching done in November. I look forward to seeing your teapot finish!

Stitch or no stitch said...

You have been a busy girl Barb. Will we see your teapot tomorrow night?