Sunday, December 31, 2006

E is for Eeyore

I finished this about an hour-in-a-half ago. It really wasn't so bad to do. I thought he would be boring with all that blue but it wasn't bad. The mane gave me some problems but I got through it. This will go to my Great Nephew, John Jr. who will be 3 weeks old tomorrow. My niece asked me to do four Winnie the Pooh & friends pieces plus the birth sampler. Her mother will make them into a wall hanging. The other 3 will be done in the coming months. This is project 11 towards the 50 challenge! Slowly plugging away at it!

I have gotten out the floss and material for the Precious Moments piece. It will go to a special quilt we are doing at CSA for a little girl. It's due Jan. 15 so I am cutting it real close. It's called "Our Friendship is Soda Licious". I'll start on it tomorrow.

I did much better on my Dec. goals then I did Nov. ones I didn't finish the Christmas Cat or Christmas Wish. But did work on them some, and did two other Christmas ones. I finished the Teapot, and I not only started Eeyore but finished him. So I did very well. Let's see how my January goals go. They are:
1. Do Our Friendship is Soda-licious
2. Work more on Light of Peace (an UFO for 8 years) maybe and I stress maybe finish it.
3. Do an angel piece for Love Quilts.
4. Maybe and I stress maybe start Winnie the Pooh.

Have a Happy and safe New Year's Eve! Until next time Happy Stitching!


Sue said...

Congrats on finishing Eeyore, he's adorable. Happy New Year.

stitcherw said...

Eeyore is very cute, what a fun finish to end the year with.

Arthemise said...

Eeyore is so cute! That's going to be a gorgeous wall hanging.

Mary Ann said...

Eeyore is a cute one! Happy New Year!!