Sunday, November 18, 2007

The Caretaker 200 Hours

I've done a lot of stitching this past week and got quit a bit further. Three in a half pages are now completed. Page 4 is going quite fast and so far it's been my favorite page. You can see the elk just barely coming in. I have now stitched on it 200 hours and will still keep at it.

My mom felt like she was Queen for the Day at church. This lady gave her a lot of jewlery she had made. It was beautiful stuff. This lady is very talented in crafts she can do almost everything including cross stitching, quilting, fabric painting, sewing, jewlery making. Well you got the idea. Than another lady made some Pecan Pie and gave her a piece to make sure she took home with her. Mom loved it.

We had our annual Harvest Dinner after church today. As usual the food was really good. And there was lots left over. We had a large turnout. On the way home we had a little excitement. One of the ladies on the bus lives in a bad part of town and we saw a fight. The bus driver gets off the bus yells at the boys to stop and after 3 attempts at calling 911 he just got through when a police car came behind and he stopped the car to tell them what happened. The lady that lives in the neighborhood also got off the bus to talk to the boys. Man Jim was lucky one of the boys didn't pull a knife on him or have a gun. But they really were beating that boy bad and we were nervous they'd kill him. But all is well that ends well....well hopefully the boy will be okay. Hopefully they won't get the boy later.

Does everyone have Thanksgiving plans? We are going to my niece's house. They just bought a new house so we'll get to see it.

Well, I'm going to try to get a little more stitching in. Just wanted to show the progress after 200 hours stitching even.


Ranae said...

wow! I can see the progress you did, keep up the great work.

Pumpkin said...


That's terrible Barb! You hear about these things more and more and it's very disturbing :o(

Ruth said...

I love how your piece is coming along. I'm afraid I would consign something that detailed to the corner of a closet and pretend I didn't buy it after one week's stitching. :)

Thank goodness your church van stopped the help that fight, but it was awfuly dangerous. It's sad, isn't it. If only they knew how to properly spend Sunday.

stitcherw said...

It's looking great, nice progress.

I'm glad your mom had such a good time, but it's sad that there had to be the fight as everyone was going home. Our society is so mixed up anymore it seems, it's really getting scary.