Thursday, November 01, 2007

"Trunk Or Treat"

Unfortunately I didn't think to take my camera to church last night but the Trunk or Treating seemed to be a big success. This is new to us but is common on other side of the state. People from the church put candy in their trunks, decorate them and the Trick or Treaters get candy from them. Since our church is fairly small and this is our first time we only had 7 cars but lots of Trick or Treaters. I was inside with the Adventure Club kids. We had about 20 kids which is more than we thought we would. We took the kids to the 7 cars where they got some candy. Than while the kids and some of us leaders were listening to the chalk artist some other leaders took their bags and filled them up with candy donated from members of our church and from us leaders. The kids were amazed how much candy they got! That should keep them happy for a couple of weeks. I'm sure their parents love us for loading them up with all that sugar! Those bags were filled!
The kids really seemed to enjoy the Chalk Artist it was something different from our noraml program. Fortunately the rain held off. In this area you can only Trick or Treat between the hours of 6 and 8 pm. It's for the child's safety. Most of the trick or treaters are done by 7:30. My parents had a few kids come to their apartment but their favorite two were their Great Grand Sons, 4 year old Ashton brought by his mommy Tabitha and 10 month old Johnny brought by his mommy, Melissa. I can't wait to see the pictures of those two. My nephew Andrew (12) decided at 12 years old he was too old to Trick or Treat so he handed out the candy instead.
I've been working on The Caretaker quite abit. Page 2 is almost done, but I went to page 3 as I knew it would be a boring page so I could go back to page 2 when 3 got too boring. I know I'm wierd!
Well I have a Board Meeting at church tonight. First we have a joint meeting of all boards to discuss something than we'll meet in our own boards. Usually they don't do that but are tonight.
Until next time Happy Stitching!


Ranae said...

Trunk or treat sounded like it was fun. I never heard of it till this afternoon on the local news, a church in town did the came thing.
Caretaker is coming along good.

Barbara said...

Your progress is really amazing - it looks like you're stitching a real view, or a photo. Gorgeous!

Pumpkin said...

When you said Trunk or Treat I thought it was a play on words because you were stitching the trunk of a tree! ROFL! What great progress you have done Barb!

We don't get any kiddies on Halloween so I didn't get to see any dressed up this year :o( What a great idea your town/church has!

nutmeg5 said...

Your Caretaker is gorgeous! Those trees look so real. Keep up the great stitching.