Friday, June 26, 2009

Another Week's Progress

I did more stitching this week and got quite a bit of progress. I do hope to finish this piece Monday or Tuesday. We'll see since the weekend will be fairly busy so I won't stitch on it much. I've been stitching on it about 4 hours a day.
I couldn't find my camera this morning but the scan got it all. (I just hope I find my camera. I really need it. I might be going to the zoo Monday or Tuesday with my nieces and their babies. Got to get pictures of Johnny and Addie! Also when we go to the campground in early July my niece will be here from OR. It's going to bug me until I find my camera. Hope I didn't throw it away by accident! I'd also like to get a picture of my cat in his favorite spot on the arm of my stitching chair. Lately he has been wanting to be close to me and follows me no matter where I go. (Unless he is sleeping under or on the bed). He will be 17 in October so guess it's a sign he's getting older and needs to be reassured he's okay and still loved.
We've had a very warm few days for us. It was 90's one day! Now mid 80's still very warm for us. It's suppose to drop to 70's Mon. & Tues. of next week. Perfect weather for going to the zoo!
Well, until next time. Happy Stitching!


Maren said...

Holy cow, your needle is smokin' you're stitching so fast! Red Sky is wonderful!

Hope you find your camera!

Cindy F. said...

Wow! You have made some beautiful progress Barb!!
Hey, we hit 108 degrees yesterday!!

Mylene said...

I love this one of PS, your progress is looking great. It looks like you are nearly done with it.

Thanks so much for stopping by at my blog.

Bronny said...

Looks lovely - and quite a bit of progress made!
Hope you find your camera!

TammyK said...

Love your blog & all of your stitching projects :o) My mom use to say the sailor's delight saying all the time. Very cute.