Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Lots of prgoress

The only good thing I can say about this piece is it's moving fast now. I spent 3 days and I don't know how many hours on that stupid big tire on the right side and it's still not right. What's worse, I don't even care at this point. Improvising is name of the game! Confession, Cars, and trucks are not my thing. I don't even drive except everyone crazy, and I hate the color red. And it looks like I am going to run out of 347 and 350 Grrrrr! Fortunately it's not due until Jan. 1 and I'll get to Joanne's by that time, hopefully sooner than later! Why am I doing this piece, truth is I have no idea what I was thinking when I signed up for it except it was different and out of my comfort zone. Now that the tire is in it's not so bad and like I said it's moving fast so I don't regret it and won't go down as the worst piece I've ever done, I've done worse. Okay enough of my whining and rambling!

Tomorrow Bibe Study Fellowship starts up again. I can't wait. I can't wait to see my friends from last year. This year will be a whole different group of ladies in the smaller groups as they like to mix up every year to know more people. I am told by others that my group leader is one of the better ones. We are studying Isaiah this year. Should be very interesting as there is so much prophesy in that book, with all the different religions involved it'll be interesting to hear the different views.

Today I went to Farmers Market with my dad and I spent money! I love fresh vegetables and am so tired of the same food all the time.

I got my hair cut the other day. A friend of mine did it, and restyled it for me. My family likes it a lot, and I'm getting to like it. My problem is the bangs, I have such a low forehead and my hair grows so fast, my bangs need trimmed again!

Well---Until next time Happy Stitching!


Beth said...

You certainly have been making some big progress, and it looks great!! I still think it is great that you are doing it while not really liking it.

No mention of the vertigo - hope that means it is a thing of the past.

Enjoy your Bible group.

Kajsa said...

It looks great though and it's for a good cause. I'm not a car person either so I can see where you are coming from. Have fun at your bible class.

Mylene said...

WOW! You have made a great progress with this project.

Lynette said...

It's looking good Barb but I can imagine it not being the most interesting stitch you've ever done!
We are starting our Bible Study group tonight - Genesis is our study book. Hope you enjoy yours!