Tuesday, September 07, 2010

Recipe Box Finished

How was everyone's Labor Day Weekend? Mine was nice and quiet. I did quite a big of stitching which was nice.

I finished this earlier today. It really was a fun stitch. The hamburg and chips made me hungry whenever I stitched on them. The deserts were very unappetizing but fun to stitch. I'm not big on ice cream, or moose to be honest so they were not tempting. I think if I ever do this again I will make all the icecream vanilla and have chocolate on top and down the sdies, and the cherry on top. Now on a hot summer day that may be tempting.

We have had a cool down. Sat, Sun., and today I had the air conditioner tunred off and opened the windows. Oh nice outside air especially with the wind it creates a nice breeze. Only problem maitanance just cut the grass and I can't handle freshly cut grass so I may have to close the windows.

I am still having a problem with vertigo. In fact my dad took me up to the store and when I took the groceries up the steps he noticed I had problems. Because of his age he is unable to help me. He told me just to leave one case of pop in the car I'll get it tomorrow, and just hang on to the rail this time, so since he was watching me I did that. While the virtigo is nothing compared to how it was I wish it would just leave me. Also for some reason the last 4 or 5 weeks my right thigh has really been hurting and now my right shoulder is hurting. I think the shoulder is from stitching and being at the computer so much. Face it I am getting old. I am beginning to feel like my mom and I vowed I would never do that.

Whiskers is sleeping a whole lot these days. He'll be 18 in October. So hard to believe I've had him for so long. He know longer hides under the bed like he use to but lays either in the corner of the room by my bed, or jumps on my bed or will lay on the floor at foot of bed. I'm also noticing he's getting more mats in his hair which he never had that problem before. I do brush him every night rather he likes it or not. Believe me he doesn't like it.


Mylene said...

A beautiful finish, Barb. Congrats! Sending good thoughts your way, i hope your thigh and shoulder gets better soon.

Beth said...

That was a quick finish - and very cute. I really liked the ice cream, but that is my downfall - I could eat it three times a day - LOL

I sure hope your vertigo gets better soon, that has got to be very frustrating.

GoldenAngelsWorks said...

Too cute.

Meari said...

Adorable finish, Barb. Have you talked to a dr about your vertigo?

Sharon said...

What a cute finish! My Aunt suffers from vertigo and it has been such a challenge for her to deal with it. I hope you find a cure for your troubles very soon!

Shari said...

adorable finish!!!!! Congrats!!
I am sorry to hear you are hurting.....I hope you figure out the issues soon & can feel better!