Tuesday, March 01, 2011

A New Start

I am really thinking spring.   And I enjoy doing this piece.   It will be so pretty when done.  It is Wildflowers by Larnette.   It will be smaller than the actual piece to meet the Love Quilts requirements.   But this is how much I have done in just 10 hours of stitching.   Yes I am going to love doing this piece/

I know I said I'd post the winners of my drawing Monday night or Tuesday morning.   Sorry it's Tuesday night.   I did get hold of the two winners last night and sent the patterns out today.   Congratulations to Dawn (Golden Angel Works) who won the Laughter of Angels and  Kim (Ride the range) who won the Cat Nap piece.   I hope you two enjoy stitching them.  

I am so happy!  I passed the Safe Serve Course I had to take for the Food Pantry.   Because my dad's computer is slow it took two hours to get through it all..   And only about 15 minutes of it pertained to us as we do not serve prepared meals nor do we have a refrigerator.   We just give out non perishables.   But since it was required I grudgingly took it and sat through the two hours.   That means I am now Certified and we can stay on with Feeding America.   We are still waiting to hear if we get any money fromn a  Dance-A-Thon that was held last week-end.  

Today my great niece, Katelyn turned 1.   They had a party for her on Saturday but because I was still sick from  a cold I didn't go.   I did see the pictures on facebook and it looks like she had fun.  

Well....until next time Happy Stitching!

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Beth said...

That is a very springy looking design. It looks to have tons of color changes though, so probably a slower stitch than some! But worth it.

Congrats on passing your exam - way to go!