Sunday, March 06, 2011

Wildflowers Progress

I love stitching on this piece and it is going fairly well.   I can't wait to get even further along and get some of the pink flowers in.    I am having to cut the size down to meet the Love Quilts 9x9 guidelines so cutting off points are sort of hard to determine.   It is such a pretty piece though I absolutely love stitching it.

     Today is a nice sunshiny day.  The snow is once again starting to melt.  This is the time of the year where we have nice days then nasty days.   But on other hand we really don't want the snow to melt too quickly or we will have a flooding problem and beleive me this year a lot of snow means flooding.  Fortunately this part of the country doesn't have a big flooding problem.  It just seems nice after a long winter, to see little signs of spring start to come in.

     I'm sorry but I have to tell this story about my 4 year old great nephew, Johnny.   I'm an animal lover but I laughed so hard when I read it on his father's face book page.   It was a conversation they had at their kitchen table yesterday afternoon.   Johnny:  Daddy, when I get big  may I have a gun to shoot some birds?"
John:  What kind of bird, chicken?, turkey?"   Johnny:   "No that goose on the lake (they live on a lake).  John  "But what if she has babies.   You don't want to leave the babies without a mommy do you? "   Johnny:  "Okay....I'll just shoot one of her babies then!"   That little stinker!   Out of the mouth of babes!

Well on that note....Until next time......Happy Stitching!


MommaInStitches said...

Great Progress so far! LOL, kids do say the cutest things : )

Beth said...

The wildflowers are really blooming! Here in KY we are under flood warnings. In Louisville they have put up the flood walls against the Ohio river floods. Wow - kids - what they won't say!! But, don't be sorry, I love kid stories!!