Monday, March 28, 2011

Slowly but surely it is getting there

I don't thik I'll get this done by Apr. 1 like I had hoped but oh well.     It is slowly getting there though

My stitching time and  time on the computer has been limited.   I am having major problems with Vertigo again.   So I am sleeping a lot as I was told that was the best thing I can do.   I have found when I am really light-headed and lay down, when I get back up I am better for a couple of hours.   I am not going to let this go on for months like I did last time.l   If I'm not better by end of week I'm going to at least call the Dr. for an appointment.   I don't like going through the exercises he does but they do help.

Thank you to everyone who has been ready my blogs and leaving comments.   I really appreciate them.   They are really encouraging.  


Von said...

Take care of yourself, Barb! Vertigo is no fun. :(


Mylene said...

The wildflower design is looking beautiful.

Thinking of you (hugs).