Wednesday, January 04, 2012

January House

Hello! How was everyone's New Year. Mine was very quiet. I didn't want to go anywhere just stayed home and watched the Nsw York ball drop then went to bed. I did go to my parents New Year's Day and had lunch with them and my nephew Andrew. Andrew was staying with them for a few days. He's 16 now, the youngest of my nieces and nephews. Boy that makes me feel old have the youngest be 16 and the oldest is 36 now. Time flies so fast.

I took a brief break from the Cocker Spaniel to do this piece as a Stitch Along at ESC. One of our members is designing 12 houses, we'll do one a month. This is the first of the twelve. Only I think my scanner is dying, it didn't scan too well. I do have another scanner though so next month I'll use that one. These houses are fun to do. I'll go back to the Puppy tomorrow and probably finish him up Sat. I don't have much more left on him to do.

This has been a quiet week after being so busy last week. Seems nice so I'm doing a lot of stitching.

Well...until next time Happy Stitching!

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Nathy said...

hi!!! wou!!it´s so beautiful!!! i love it!!! kisses!! happy new year!!!