Sunday, January 22, 2012

My Needle is Smoking!

Four finishes in January and I might even finish the Swamp Rose Mallow by the end of the month. That would be an all time high for me 5 finishes in one month. That rate I will make it through the 50 challenge. Which I changed to 25. If I make it through 25 in a reasonable time then I will try for 50. My credit card would really appreciate that! I am trying so hard to reduce it. So far I'm doing great on the one card, not so great on the other one.

I loved doing this piece. It was a nice break from the flower. It was easy and went quickly. I did it as a Lizzie Kate SAL at Every Stitch Counts.

We had a lot of snow fall this past week. Now tonight they are calling for thunderstorms south of us. This week will be a warm up by the looks of it. I hope the rest of the winter stays this mild.

Well...I have to go get ready for church. Until next time...Happy Stitching!


Ranae said...

Lovely finish!
You are smokin' with 4 finishes already

Beth Pearce said...

Love that Lizzie*Kate!

~ Sue ~ said...

Barb - it looks great! Congrats on the finish.

Carol said...

Such a lovely finish!! Keep up the great work--four finishes for this year is incredible (I don't even have one yet!!).

Sally said...

Gorgeous finish!

Meari said...

Oooh, pretty.