Friday, January 13, 2012

Swamp Rose Mallow

Hello! Everyone getting a lot of stitching time in? I am. We finally got hit by winter weather, I'm staying inside today. We didn't get hit as bad as areas north and south. We usually get the milder ends of the storms but we still had about 3 inches fall since yesterday. So that's not bad. The ground is very nicely covered and it is pretty out there.
I decided to start stitching this flower I found in an old book. I still say there are a lot of good patterns in those older books. And with my resolve to make it through 50 patterns without buying a pattern, use the books I have well so far this is no. 11 so far so good. But it's usually when I get to 22 or 23 I usually blow the challenge. This time I am not going to. Remember that okay? Remind me if I blog that I want to buy a book.

Anyway a long time friend of mine has a severely handicapped daughter and she asked me to do a flower for her to put on her room. She really wanted bright geens, pink, purple. So I found this bright pink piece in Wildflowers Galore by Canterbury Designs. I hope she will like it.

Tomorrow my sister and brother-in-law are coming in to town for the day. They were going to come today but the weather isn't going to allow it. Not so bad here, but getting from their place to here would be a problem for them.

Well, until next time....Happy Stitching!

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Carol said...

You're right, Barb! You never know what goodies you might find in those old books or magazines :)

Your pink flower is the perfect thing to be stitching on a blustery day like today!