Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Another New Start

I got tired of Find a Song so thought I would do a small, easy project. Yea right. It's very small but it's not easy but I really enjoy doing it. It's detailed enough to hold my interest. This piece will go to Quilts for Seniors when it's done.

Spring is here! We hope winter is gone. I know it's only middle of March but we are in a period of 60 or 70 degree weather, end of 7 day period near 80 even! Unreal for March for us. We're usually covered with snow with Spring sneaking in! But this winter really never came. And the way I see had it's chance, it best not come now! LOL!
They say after the 8 day period we may have more normal temperatures so we'll see what that brings.

Tomorrow I get my new glasses! I can't wait. I'll see clearer! I do have cataracts but was told I could wait five years even and have no problem. Wait 20 years there might be a problem. So I just went with new glasses for this time and maybe in a couple of years have the cataracts removed.

I also will be getting my hair cut possibly Friday. So I'm going to have a new look. Now just dye my hair blond and people will really not know me! (I always wanted blond hair but had pure black). I wasn't even born with blonde hair like my brothers and sisters were and their hair didn't get as dark as mine either. I have some blond nieces and nephews and even more blonde great nieces and nephews. I'm jealous of them!


Carol said...

Such a pretty new start for this time of year, Barb! Isn't this weather unbelievable--I'm just loving it :)

Anonymous said...


Lovely new start!
We are having lovely weather too but snow is forecast for Sunday.

Good luck with your new glasses and haircut!

Beth Pearce said...

Love your roses. Yep, we have been having a milder winter too. Our area paid back some with the terrible tornados so I hope that will be all the payback that is due.