Saturday, March 03, 2012

Faith Started

I actually started two new pieces but the one isn't going too well and I made the discovery I may have started way too far down so don't know if I can send it to the charity I had planned on. I may just choose another piece altogether as that one has proved to be much more difficult than I expected and am having trouble making out the color key too many symbols too similiar. Why do designers do that. Anyway this one is FAITH and much easier. I love working on this one. Because it will go to charity I chose to use DMC 931. I love that color.

Our weather has turned on us for a few days! We got lots of snow and today was nasty. Tuesday it is suppose to be 50's. That's this winter but I have loved this winter.

It looks like my mom's sister will not be around much longer. She has been on hospice for several months now and is now unresponsive. My uncle has been taking care of her 24-7. My mom and dad went to see her today. It was hard for my mom and it's hard for my aunt's family to see her like this but they all know she'll soon be in heaven and they will see her again.

I have finally made an eye appointment to get new glasses. It's been 5 or 6 years. Maybe I'll be able to see clearer now. It's just as well as after I made the apointment I started having eye pain. I think a skin tag near my eye tore and is causing a lot of drainage. Plus my eye itches so I'm trying hard not to itch it but it's hard not to.

Well...until next time....Happy Stitching!


Beth Pearce said...

Faith is looking lovely. Sorry about your Aunt, and I sure do hope you get your eye fixed and some great new glasses!

Carol said...

Very pretty new start, Barb! I love DMC 931, too...

So sad to hear about your aunt...that must be so hard to watch--especially for your mom...

Good luck with the glasses--I'm always amazed at how much better a new pair of glasses can help you see!