Thursday, March 22, 2012

Back to the Song Birds

I picked this piece back up yesterday afternoon and it really took off. In the day in a half I finished up both the birds that were underway (the one was only half done, the other 3/4 done.) I managed to also put in A Song, the bars on the left side, and got the final bird well underway. It's going much faster then it did before I laid it down. It's been a fun piece to do, and is so cute! It will probably go to either Cole's Quilts or Love Quilts whichever one has a music quilt come up first.

My aunt's funeral was Tuesday. It was a nice one. The funeral home had put together Jean's life story. There was a picture of her and my mom, and their other sister (who died a few years ago) along with their parents. They also had a 5 generation picture. My great-great grandparents (who I never knew), my great grandparents, (I knew my great grandmother), then our grandparents and Aunt Jean, Uncle Kayle and Judy. There was 20 years between each generation. Anyway a lot of the pictures brought back so many memories. There were a lot with our grandparents in them and they've been gone for 30 plus years. Also the gospel was clearly given and three songs (In the Garden, Ivory Palaces, and We Shall Behold Him) were sang. We shall Behold Him was done beautifully!

We are still enjoying unseasonably warm weather. I finally gave in and turned my air conditioning on yesterday. It's suppose to cool down somewhat but still well above average. In fact we broke records of over a hundred years ago as far as how warm it's been. Winter can't come back now, the flowers are starting to bud, the fruit is starting to grow, it would be devastating if winter came now. Besides, winter 2012 you had your chance to come, you didn't so you can't come now! That is what we are all saying!

Well....until next time.....Happy Stitching!


Anonymous said...


I love your quilt square it's very sweet.

Sorry to hear about your aunt.

Hope you enjoy the warm weather.

Beth Pearce said...

Your birds are darling, you really got a lot done in a little time!

I am glad that you were happy with the arrangements for your Aunt, that really makes it easier.

Yep, winter may not come back. Here in KY the magnolias and forsythia are blooming along with the Bradford Pears and crab apple trees.