Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Fourth Finish For February

This was such a fun stitch. It reminded me of my brother's dog, Autumn who looks a lot like this dog and she'd be right there if ice cream dropped ready to grab it in a hurry!

Our weather has warmed up quite a bit for now. The snow has melted some. It's nice to see the ice cubes gone for now. The next 36 hours it'll continue to melt but will not melt away completely, it is suppose to rain a lot, that will help melt a lot of snow. But then Sat. it's suppose to get cold again and back to the teens or lower. Each day the temp gets lower and lower. Then bottoms out at 10, but then right now they say 20 the day after that. I don't know....we don't trust these 8-10 day forecasts things usually change at end of the 8 days. Hopefully things will be warmer. Could we be so lucky.

Now that this piece is done I am doing an Ice Skater by Lynne Nicorletti. I so enjoy the Figure Skating in the Olympics I thought I would do this one. I must admit I was disappointed in the Men's Free Skate. I didn't think any in that last group deserved the medal to be honest. But the Ice Dancers were great!

The quilts we did for the Sandy Hook Project were finally taken to Connecticut today. The Police, Fire Dept., Hospital, and Town Hall all received their quilts. The ones for the individual families were put in care of a Social Worker who promised to make sure the families get them. I'm not happy about how it's all ending up but as long as the families get their quilts it'll be fine.

Well, until next time.....Happy Stitching!


Linda said...

Cute finish Barb.


Mylene said...

Such a cute finish.
Do hope for you it continuous to warm up out there. We haven't had snow this year, though early days yet...we still have till April.

Simply Victoria said...

Oh, I made that one many years ago. It's a cutie.

Carol said...

Such a cute finish, Barb! The little pup looks so pleased that the ice cream has landed right in front of him :)

It's warmer here in Pittsburgh today, but the cold returns tomorrow for the rest of the week--I feel like this winter will never warm up!! At least we have our stitching to keep us warm and cozy indoors!