Thursday, December 18, 2014

Finally a finish!

Good afternoon! Finally things have settled down here anyway. I am all moved in. My sister came for a couple of days and we got the furniture in place, everything put away and even the pictures were hung. Before she came she said "Do you think we can accomplish anything because if we won't then I can't come." I told we'd get things accomplished and we did much more then I thought we would. Saturn has adjusted very well and seems to like it here. I do too, no steps to climb. The people seem to be friendly. Also I don't feel so crowded here. Even though the apt. is said to be smaller it sure doesn't seem like it. Maybe it's the way I laid out the furniture I don't know.

Now to worry about my brother. He's still in the hospital out of town. He's suppose to come home today or tomorrow but earlier they said he'd be home Mon. or Tues. and he wasn't and we haven't heard anything as of today. I may just be going to his apt. and bringing his cat here after all. Especially since the one friend who said she'd take her until the 27th leaves for CA that day, and the other got her daughter's cat as it wasn't adjusting to her daughter's dog. And it seems to be doing well with her, so unless I find a 3rd person she's coming here and I feel at peace about that.

Now on to stitching. Needless to say I stitched next to nothing the last couple of weeks so this ornament took a while but I finished it today. It's the first of several ornaments I will be doing. One of my nieces suggested to me on facebook I do some ornaments for the great nieces and nephews. Another one said we could have a craft weekend at her house this summer or early fall and make the pieces into ornaments etc. So that is the plan.

Well....until next time......Happy Stitching!

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Angela P said...

A cute finish :)