Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Season's Greetings

Good Morning. I finished this a couple of hours ago. Yes I was up early this morning! I thought of my mom as she loved cardinals and loved the Christmas season. Once I got past the border it was an enjoyable stitch. This is another one to be made into an ornament later this summer.

We've had a busy week. My sister came in and help me unpack everything and rearrange things. I love it here. It's nice and quiet. Saturn really has settled in and adjusted rather quickly. He seems to like it here too.

Thursday night we had our ladies get together. We had white elephant exchange and finger food. We had a nice time. I wasn't going to go. I skipped the dinner on Wed. I just am not in the spirit of Christmas this year too much going on. But I thought Thursday night rather then sit home and feel sorry for myself, I'd go and get out and have fun.

Saturday we passed out a thousand beanie pillows around the neighborhood. The neighbors seemed to really like them. It was a lot of fun. Our new Pastor and his family arrived in so some of the people went and helped them empty out the van. It took no time to do that there were so many people.

Sunday we had our children's program and it was cute. The children did a good job. Sunday night was a cookie exchange but I skipped that. I don't know where my cookie recipes are or even if I have any Christmas cookie recipes let alone come up with 6 dozen cookies to take. I hope there was a good turnout as it really was to get acquainted with our pastor's wife, Becky.

We had my brother's cat here from Friday until last night. My brother and I were going over there to feed her but the weekend was going to be so busy neither one of us would get over there so I told Kevin to bring her here. She did pretty good here adjusted immediately. Her and Saturn did okay together, better then I expected. I was surprised though that 6 lb Purty with no claws was actually the agressor. Saturn her is 17lbs and has claws backed off. He even let her take over his cat tree which he loves. But Purty was not going to let him on it when she was there, not even on the lower level. Tim came and got her last night. I told Tim next time he has to leave for a while we'll just bring her here as she does so much better. Most cats are best left home, but Purty seems to need the human companionship and better off being brought here.

Well, time to go do some housework and then get to stitch my next project. Until next time......Happy Stitching!


Carol said...

I just love your latest finish, Barb--need to stitch that one myself!

So glad your move has worked out well for you, too.

Merry Christmas!

Von said...

Have a very merry Christmas!!