Friday, September 02, 2016

Page 14 of America Finished

Good Morning! I hope everyone has a safe and nice Holiday Weekend. It's the last weekend of the summer. Kids that haven't returned to school yet will be returning Tuesday. It's been a nice summer, I really hate to see it end, it went by too fast.

I finished page 14 of America and has been laid down until Jan., then I hope to work on it until it's finished, hopefully in early March. We'll see. Will I do another piece by Mystic Stitch? Yes, I already have it picked out. I've done 2 pieces earlier.

I just got home from the cat shelter. We have so many nice cats right now. We just recently got some new cats that are so sweet. We doubt it will take them long to be adopted.

Also have a lot of things coming up at church with the picnic middle of Sept., then Oct. Chilli cook off, November, Harvest Dinner and then in Dec. Holiday potluck. We are trying to have more activities for the people at church to get together, get to know each other. Our church is getting new people but some of the people that have been with us a while are leaving. I don't get it. No it's not the same church it was 5 years ago, and yes a lot of people such as my dad, who were real leaders have died. But when we decided to get this Pastor and the Worship Directors we knew what direction they wanted to take the church. People always say to me "If your dad was alive he wouldn't let these things happen." I don't know that....Dad was about reaching people. And to be honest, God never changes but He does reach people where they are at. So we have to give a little to reach people for Christ. Christianity isn't a bunch of rules and regulations.

Speaking of my parents today would be their 66th wedding anniversary. Their second one in heaven. We miss them there isn't a day I don't think of them. This picture I think is of them at time of 60th anniversary. I remember their 63rd anniversary dad wanted Meat Pie. It's a Finnish dish he grew up on and we did too. My sister-in-law made it for him and he ate it even wanted seconds. Dad was ain Hospice Care at the time and died 20 days later.

Well until next time...Happy Stitching. (My cat is about to kick me off the computer LOL!)


LindaLee said...

I do hope that your church will continue to grow. If people are leaving because of a good pastor, then maybe they aren't following God at all. Some people are stubborn, and others just don't like change. Just keep welcoming all the new people in and pray for God's guidance and direction.

Justine said...

Great progress on America - it looks fabulous!

Mii Stitch said...

Great progress on America, it's coming along really really nicely!

Heather said...

Beautiful progress it's really coming together nicely!