Wednesday, July 25, 2007

One last Update on Tigers

This piece is pressing towards the finish line! The second baby is going in much easier than the first one did, but the first one is larger too. I hope to have it finished end of the week. Perhaps Sunday even. Then I will finally do the Lighthouse I've been planning to do "next" all summer. I still am working a little on Johnny's birth sampler but not a lot. That piece is so boring it's not calling my name at all.

Did you notice I changed the template. I decided I was tirred of the other one so went with this one for now. In the fall I'll change again. This one still has a summer feel to it.

Sunday is our church picnic. I already have everything ready I'm going to make for it. So will do it Saturday. We are also getting ready for the crusade in August. (The week of my birthday LOL!) They always seem to have special meetings around that time of year.

Well until next time Happy Stitching!


Arthemise said...

This is such a lovely piece.

Leena said...

These tigers are very pretty! You're stitching fast, you've made great progress.

Marita said...

The tigers look great. I hope the Church picnic goes well.

Barbara said...

Hi Barb - great looking tigers! Your new blog template is nice and open, very summery. :)

Pumpkin said...

Beautiful work Barb. That design is so sweet :o)

Yes, you caught me off guard when I came to read your Blog! It looks good though and yes, it does have a summer feel to it ;o)

Lauren said...

Oh gosh, that little tiger is so cute!