Saturday, July 28, 2007

Start #4

Only this will count as #2 towards the 10 challenge. I think I explained all that earlier. I would like to stitch from at least 10 books that I haven't stitched from before I even think about getting any more leaflets. The picture is a little dark but it's useable. I need to get an extension plug for my scanner since getting DSL I don't have a spot to plug in my scanner.

This Pigeon Point Lighthouse piece will go to Cross Stitchers for Charity for a Lighthouse quilt we are doing. It's going pretty well. I've stitched on it for about `10 hours now. There is a lot of backstitching to it. Typical of Stoney Creek, yes, another Stoney Creek piece! Man people are going to think I only do animal or scenery pieces. I have to do a horse piece, but I may take a break and do a couple of other things in between that are not scenery or animal related. I also want to pick up Wild Menagerie sometime in Aug and Sept while the sun is still bright and the lighting is good.

Today is my nephew Bryans 23rd birthday. I'd wish him a Happy Birthday but he doesn't have a blog and doesn't come here. Besides he needs a new computer and doesn't have Internet Access right now. New Sat. I think (Aug. 4) is my brother's birthday. We have several birthdays (including mine) coming up soon plus 1 anniversary all in Aug. Aug. and Dec. are the big birthday months in our family!
My blog roll is growing. I keep finding more and more blogs I like. Only on some I have problems making comments. So some of you like, Jenn, I can't make a comment as that security block comes out, even though I click yes, then just click it off it pops right back up. Some blogs I can click it off and it won't pop back up. Oh well...

Tomorrow is our church picnic. I'll make a caserole tomorrow for it. I have almost 3 hours free between church and going to the picnic I'll make it then. I do need to go do my dishes right now. Until next time Happy Stitching!


Marita said...

The lighthouse is looking great Barb. Good progress.

Barbara said...

This is a VERY beautiful lighthouse, Barb!!

Stitchingnow said...

Love it so far so keep up the good work.

stitcherw said...

Nice start on lighthouse, it will be lovely when done.

Pumpkin said...

Only a few days and you've got a great start to another project :o)

So, someone has a birthday coming up... Are you going to say how old???? ;o)