Thursday, August 02, 2007

Birth Announcment Sampler

I am doing this piece on the side. Just when I have a little time now and them. This morning I made an aggressive effort. Now that it is well underway I like it but at first I couldn't stand it which is why I moved so slow on it. (I started this piece middle of July. It just took forever plus a thousand years to get it to look like anything. The corner squares are suppose to be in pink and a flower but Melissa didn't want that for her boy so I found a bee in the same book and I knew she would go for that as she likes bees. (Not the real ones.) I really don't like doing the corners at all. Oh well..... This will be piece no. 5 towards 25 challenge as I have stitched 2 other pieces from the book and have two more to go for Johnny's wall hanging pieces to be done. This his Grandother is going to make the wall hanging.

I haven't talked about my stitching goals for the month for a while so I did make some for this month. We'll see if I keep them or not. They are to finish Pigeon Point Lighthouse and this Birth Announcment. Possibly do a deGrazia graph for an Indian Quilt. Stitch more on Wild Menagerie or another UFO piece. I also would like to start Tigger.

Our church picnic was fun on Sunday. It was a beautiful day for it and a lot of us took advantage of just walking down to the Lake. (The park is on Lake Michigan).

The heat is continueing. We really need the rain bad. I'm just staying in with the air conditioning.

I have enjoyed seeing all your blogs. Some of your blogs I can't make comments as the Security bar that asks if you want to see the pictures of the people keep popping up. I say yes and it comes right back up. Some of you I just close it and then re enter and I can post but others of you like both Jenn and Jen I can't do that to. So sorry, I'm am not ignoring your blogs and if I could post I would. Somnetimes I don't get blogger but oh well....

Well until next time Happy Stitching!


Barbara said...

It's definately a very boyish baby sampler - very nice colors!

Pumpkin said...

Cute Barb :o)

Lauren said...

I like the colors!