Friday, August 17, 2007

Pigeon Point Lighthouse

This is my progress as of yesterday on this piece. I'm getting anxious to get it done. This is progress after about 42 hours of stitching.

My mom is not doing well at all so I've been going over there when dad needs to go somewhere. We are not wanting her to be alone. Her heart is acting up again. Plus she has numerous other health problems. She's suppose to have ankle surgery Sept. 6 but her heart has to straighten up first. Dad was going to go golfing today but decided not to. We had wanted him to go but he says they have 8 men without him. So instead he's going to take me a couple of places and a couple of places he wants to go to while my brother is with mom. Wish he would go golfing though maybe he will Monday. He does so much for everyone else he needs to do something for himself.

Thank you for the birthday greetings. A couple of you sent e cards which I did receive the notice but for some reason couldn't open them up. I needed to download something first and I'm unsure of it so didn't do it. My computer has been wierd lately so I tend to be very cautious. I did appreciate them.

Yesterday I found out my best friends when growing up daughter died earlier this week of an anuralism (sp). She was expecting her first child and no they were not able to save the baby either so that's a double tragedy for the family.

It seems like an awful lot is happening lately it's almost overwhelming but we know God is in control.

The meetings at church are going well. The speaker is really good.

I hope I haven't offended anyone in my blogs it seems like I'm not getting the comments I use to or compared to what I give out in comments. I really appreciate the comments and these days even lift my spirits. I also know though from trying to leave comments on some blogs blogger doesn't always cooperate so that could happen on my blog.

Oh Q o W How did you get started cross stitching. For me my sister got me started back in 1980. She lived in Iowa at the time and did it at the time and introduced me to it. It came slow at first but once I got my first piece done. (A birth sampler for my niece Melissa who is Johnny's mommy) I was hooked.

Well, I've chatted enough. Until next time. Happy Stitching!


Judith said...

Your light house is really coming more beautifull.

Hi! I'm Michelle said...

Hang in there, Barb! God IS in control! Hope you had a wonderful birthday! Your lighthouse looks beautiful! (I love reading your blog! I should comment more often on everyone's blogs.)

Leena said...

Lighthouse looks pretty! I'm so sorry to hear about your mum and your friends daughter. I come to read your blog often, even though I don't always comment :)

Pumpkin said...

Great progress Barb! You have been a busy girl :o)

I am SO sorry to hear about the tragedy :o( That is so sad. My thoughts are with their families.

I love visiting your Blog! I just can't get over the amount of stitching that you can put in during a week. LOL!

I'm also sorry to hear your mother has not improved. Big HUGS!

Wendy said...

Sorry to hear your Mom isn't doing very well and what awfully sad news about your friend's daughter. That is truly an awful tragedy for that poor family. Its hard to know sometimes why these things happen.

Sara said...

Your lighthouse is coming along nicely!

Definitely haven't offended me- life's just been busy and I've been a really bad commenter on everyone's blog!

Sorry to hear your Mom is not well.

Marita said...

I'm sorry your Mum is not doing well. Is terribly hard to see our parents unwell.

Lighthouse progress is looking good.

Meari said...

PPL looks great, Barb. I'm sorry your Mom hasn't been feeling well again. I hope she feels better soon.

stitcherw said...

You've made nice progress on your lighthouse piece, it's looking lovely. Sorry your mom is doing poorly, hope they are able to help her and she gets feeling better soon. It is so hard being a caregiver, I hope your dad can get out a bit, golfing sounds like it would have been a wonderful break for him.

As to comments, I think maybe it is due to the end of summer approaching. People taking last of summer holidays, getting ready for school, etc.. Both bloggers and the boards that I'm on seem to be quieter than normal all around lately.

Margaret said...

Hi Barb,
First of all I'm sure you haven't offended anyone, the blogging world is just quiet at the moment. Once fall comes I'm sure everyone will be visiting again.
I'm so sorry to hear about your mom and hope and pray things improve soon.
Your lighthouse looks wonderful. Great stitching.
Hope you have a good week.

Lauren said...

The light house looks so real! I hope things with your mom go well... she'll be in my thoughts and prayers. Make sure you take some time for yourself, too!

Hazel said...

Hi Barb. Thanks for your comment. So sorry to hear about your mum and that awful tragedy. Seems all blogs are quiet this month. Love your stitching. You have completed a lot this year already. xx