Thursday, July 12, 2007

Start to Tigers

First, I want to say Thank you for your comments to Navajo Land. They meant a lot to me. This piece has now gone off in the mail.

This is my progress on Tigers after 16 hours of stitching. It's a little slow going and took a while to look like a Tiger but I think you can tell the Mother Tiger is coming to shape. The two babies will come in later. I've also started Johnny's Birth Announcment. It's part of the Winnie the Pooh wall hanging. Instead of flowers in the corner I may put a bee. I'll see Melissa Sat. and ask her what she thinks. She didn't want flowers as that's too girlish and I agree.

This has been a sad week for our area. Last Sunday morning a young Police Officer was shot and killed in the line of duty. He was setting up a perimeter to deal with the man who was holding his family hostage, the man shot and killed the officer. A couple weeks earlier the same Officer had arrested this man for spouse abuse. The funeral for the Officer is tomorrow. I didn't know him, some friends of mine knew the family and was friends with them. He left behind a 3 year old daughter, along his parents, brothers, sisters, nieces, nephews, and fiancee. Several funds are being set up for her. They were saying different places Police Officers were coming in from. Some are coming in from Scotland for his funderal tomorrow. An officer hadn't been shot and killed in this area in 20 years.

Friday and Saturday the Teens at church are having their annual yard sale. I sent a couple of things over for them to sell but I'm not going to make it to the sale this year. Oh well..... Just too much going on right now.

My mom, brother, nephew and their dog are on the other side of the state right now. Tim and Andrew are camping. Mom and Autumn are staying at my sister's. They will be going in and out of the campground. I didn't go for 3 reasons. One I don't do well at campgrounds, the campfires, grills etc. get to me. There is too much construction, Tim would be kicking me out of the car. Plus there really wouldn't be much room in the car for me. Especially since they would be taking Autumns pen. Maverick would never allow Autumn to be loose in the car and he be in his pen. Autumn and Maverick are good buddies and so funny. Maverick has a huge back yard to run in which Autumn loves and is a treat for her. Maverick tries to get Autumn to chase him, she does but she does have to take shortcuts to keep up with him. They are so funny.

The problems with my computer are now gone. We just installed a good Anti Virus and that really took care of the pop ups etc.

There isn't much else happening so until next time Happy Stitching!


stitcherw said...

Lovely progress on your tiger piece, this is moving along quickly too. You've really been getting a lot of stitching done lately.

That is so sad on the police officer. Police officers (and others like firefighters and such) take such huge risks for us, it is to bad that people don't appreciate them so much more than what they do. For the most part people seem to take them for granted, never really thinking about the sacrifices that they are being asked to (and willingly) make.

Stitchingnow said...

I like the WIP & yes it is taking shape. I don't do camping ither so I totally understand.

Lauren said...

The tiger mom is cute! I bet the baby(ies?) will be even cuter!

That's just awful about the police officer. Hopefully the PBA/FOP in your area will also help the family!

Marita said...

Camping :: shudder :: best left to others.

Your WIP looks really good, those needles must be flying.

So sad about the policeman.

Mary Ann said...

Tigers is looking great, Barb!!

Nicola said...

That's a great start on your tiger Barb. I look forward to watching him grow. The Navajo Land Monument is fantastic, and you stitched it so quickly.

Sylvie said...

It's looking beautiful, great start!