Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Update on Tigers

This is progress on Tigers as of this morning after about 38 hours of stitching.
It's coming slow as it is so detailed, but I really am enjoying it. On the side I am doing the Birth Announcement for baby Johnny. That one is so easy it's boring so the two go good together side by side.

Oh I saw an interesting question on a message board and thought I would ask it here. How many life times would it take you to stitch all you wanted in your stash? My answer is at least 3 but then those life times I would buy more stash so my answer would be forever.

Well there isn't much happening right now. I basically just wanted to post an update on the Tigers. The first baby is just starting to come in now.


Lauren said...

The baby tiger is adorable!

As for lifetimes... oh man, I don't think I can count that high ;)

Sylvie said...

Great progress, they are looking beautiful

Marita said...

Great progress on the tigers. They are so adorable I want to give the baby a cuddle.

I agree I could have a forever worth of lifetimes and never get all the stitching done that I want to.

stitcherw said...

Tigers is so cute, and you are making wonderful progress.

With the projects I have it would take several lifetimes. However, you're right, in that time I'd buy more stash so in reality I could never get done.

Mary Ann said...

You are making great progress on this!

Rowyn said...

Can't wait to see this finished, I love tigers!

Ranae said...

This is going to be a awesome finish.

Pumpkin said...

Wonderful job Barb! It might be taking you a while to stitch this but the details are lovely.

Hmmm...if I went by what I had in my stash right now? Yikes! Averaging 50 projects per last 5! And that includes my fabric and floss! LOL!