Friday, April 11, 2008

Favorite finish of 2007

The stitching bloggers question of the week was What is your favorite finish of 2007? There were 3 or 4 that I really liked. Light Of Peace by Thomas Kinkaid, Tennis Anyone, (Kitten with tennis ball that was so cute), and Pigeon Point Lighthouse. But I chose Navajo Valley as my favorite finish. It just was so much fun to stitch and I really was pleased with it. People tell me it looks like the actual site. The piece went to Love Quilts.

I will be gone for a few days, so I'll hopefully have In the Garden done when I get back. I didn't get any comments on that piece. But it didn't bother me as I don't really like that piece. Now if I liked it I'd be whinning about it.

I so enjoy going to the different blogs. Sometimes I get jealous as their blogs are so nice and some people have a great way with words, and they get so many comments so I know I'm not alone in appreciating them. I do try to comment on blogs but sometimes I don't. I think lately I've spent more time reading blogs than stitching.

I have Noah's Ark all kitted up to start tomorrow so will get that going so I can do it in the car when traveling Sunday and Wed. I have so many pieces on my list to do between now and Aug. that I'm excited about and the two I have going aren't holding my interest. You ever have that happen? I would just go do them, except these two are commited to Love Quilts. I'm hoping Noah's Ark will excite me. Well, Until then Happy Stitching!


Margaret said...

No wonder this is your favorite of 2007 Barb - it is gorgeous and does look so very real.

Like you I sometimes have projects I would like to 'wish away'. However, I hate to leave anything unfinished as I've put the $ and often much effort into them already so like you I finish them.

Have a wonderful trip and I'm looking forward to seeing your new starts.

stitcherw said...

It looks awesome. With its coloring I'll bet there was a lot of floss changes to get the detail, no wonder it is in the favorites list. Your earlier post of Garden is looking lovely, such pretty colors and a fun piece to be working on now that spring is finally starting to look like it may be coming our way.

Rowyn said...

Wow, your Monument Valley piece is stunning. No wonder it is your favourite finish.

I often spend more time reading blogs than stitching too. But hey, there are worse things we could be doing! :-)

Johanna said...

I'm not surprised this was one you were particularly pleased with, it was a beautiful finish!!

Hope you're having/had a nice trip, will look forward to seeing your stitchy progress :)

Marita said...

I remembered that one as soon as I saw the picture. A beautiful finish and I'm not surprised you chose it.

Lelia said...

I have enjoyed reading thru your blog & your projects are awesome. I usually don't pick out cross stitch with so much detail; however, do admire others who do!!

Enjoy the day : )