Friday, April 18, 2008

What? Earthquake felt in MI?

Oh yes! We do feel them once in a great while. This morning was no exception. My cat started getting hyper about 5:30. A few minutes later I felt small shaking and wondered. Got up a little later and turned on the news and Yep, there was an earthquake in S. IL and we felt the tremors here, some 300 miles or so from the epic center. There was no damage or anything around here.

I went to my sister's this past week and was gone 4 nights and days. It was great though. I even got some stash I'm so excited about. I can't wait to do them for Love Quilts. So I haven't fallen off the wagon yet! My mom and sister found a used book store next door to the LNS so they were happy too. I hadn't been to a LNS in years as we don't have any around here so I was extremely happy. I also spoiled my sister's dog as if he wasn't spoiled already.

Sunday we met my niece her husband and my nephew for breakfast, then we went to my nieces for a little bit and then went to her shower. They have pretty much everything they need for their baby now. Since no one knows the sex yet everything is pretty much generic. There were so many showers for her, some surprise ones, like our family had a shower and his family, where they work they had a shower. Both are teachers at the same school. Heather's Bible Study group gave her a surprise shower, and the kids in both of their class rooms gave them a surprise shower. That meant a lot to them. The kids put their money together and got them a real nice multipurpose playpen. From the shower by Brian's family we went to Kay's house. It was really a nice time.

Now I did take my stitching and got some accomplished on In the Garden, and Noah's Ark, but I left it at my sister's house with my meds, and a few other things, so my sister is going to mail them to me. Hopefully I'll get them Monday if she mails them today. When I got home from my sister's Whiskers greeted me at the door and basically I haven't been out of his site then. He's been taking in all the attention he can get.

I got out Love Isn't Love piece to do more work on it. I don't have my hoop but I have everything else so I will get progress done on it. This is progress as of this morning.

Well until next time, Happy Stitching!


Barbara said...

That's a cute project you're working on. And the visit with your sister sounds so fun. I don't have any sisters, but when I hear about sisterly things, it always sounds so fun.

Margaret said...

Glad you had no earthquake damage. We had two of them while living in California. Especially the first one was very scary - especially since it was late at night and I was home alone.

How fun that you got to visit an LNS. Is this one of the designs you bought? What a lovely quilt square it will make.

~*~Julie~*~ said...

First of all are making excellent progress on this project!! You have stitched quite a bit on it since the last picture.

I am so glad for you that you were able to spend time with your family for a few days...and it is definitely a plus that a visit to a nslns was in the trip, too! =) I am happy you had a good time.


Scotstitcher said...

Your wip is looking great. Sounds like you had a lovely family visit.


Marita said...

Earthquake :eep:

I'm glad you are okay.