Sunday, April 06, 2008

Peaceful Thoughts

I loved doing this piece. I needed to take a break from In the Garden and the Horse piece. For some reason I just can't get into them, and need to take breaks. Oh long as they are done by June 1, it'll be fine. This is finish #13 towards the 50 mark. Last year I had 21 done, then had to start over a couple of times since then. I guess you are suppose to have 50 done in a year, that will never happen. In fact I restarted last summer and at this rate it'll take a little over 2 years to hit 50. I'm doing good at not buying more patterns and using what I have. A strong desire to see my credit card shrink is great motivation not to buy any more patterns. I have enough material for now. In fact this piece was done on a scrap piece of material. I will have this made into a pillow and give it as a gift. I think it would be so pretty.

It is so nice out today. I opened my windows and letting the fresh air in. Dare I hope we have seen the last of the snow? Even if it is forecasted later this week but will not last as the high for that day will be upper 40's.

Ruth's funeral was large and beautiful. So many people were there. Plus something I had never seen done before and I'm not sure I could do it myself, they had a tape of songs she was singing. Ruth had recorded them for her funeral as a testimony of her faith.

Last Sunday was my niece's baby shower. It was small but fun. We don't have too many family members around here. Next Sunday his family is having one,so my mom and I are going to that one and then going to my sister's from there for a couple of days. It'll be nice just to get away.

Well, until next time Happy Stitching!


stitcherw said...

What a lovely finish, the colors are so pretty. Weather is nice here as well, it was wonderful to be able to have the windows open a bit. Glad to hear that Ruth's funeral was so well attended, it is reassuring when there are alot of people to celebrate a life that was lived.

LoriRay said...

It sounds like Ruth had a very nice funeral. I'm especially glad the weather was cooperative. *hugs*

Don't force yourself to work on those other stitched pieces. You've got plenty of time, so no worries. :)

~*~Julie~*~ said...

Barb, I really like that piece you speaks volumes and it is so very pretty.

I am glad you were able to open some windows and get some fresh air in your home without getting the cold snowy "stuff" in there with it! :) I hope the weather stays nice for you.

I too am glad that Ruth's funeral was so meaningful, and it appears that it was more a celebration of the life she lived..and that is beautiful. I am sure she touched many lives, including yours. Missionaries have a special way with people, and I know she will be missed by so many.

I hope to learn more with each post I read...and I already spotted a Precious Moments? design of some kind down the page so I'll have to scroll down there as well. I like PM. :)

(humorschild at 123 Stitch)

Jen said...

The piece is beautiful.

Marita said...

Congratulations on a beautiful finish.